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About Our Staff



Our diverse teaching staff comes with extensive backgrounds in Early Childhood Development. They provide a wonderful blend of experience and knowledge which they bring into each classroom as they provide children with stimulating and developmentally appropriate experiences in a safe environment. You will find each teacher’s biography on the wall by the entrance to each classroom.

All of our staff are fully trained in First Aid and CPR; many are also certified for the administration of medication. All of our staff undertake continuous training. We value our teachers and know they are the foundation to our successful school. We welcome you to contact us for a tour of our school and meet some of the wonderful, loving and caring teachers of Strawberry ECDC.

Maritza Mera


Director and Owner

Strawberry Early Childhood Development Center represents the fulfillment of a long held dream. Ever since a child I have had a special connection to children. Working with children is not just intellectual it is instinctual. Patience, love and acceptance are required in order to understand what a young child is trying to convey as they are developing. My passion has always been Early Childhood Education. I have degrees in Early Childhood Psychology and in Early Childhood Development. Throughout the years, by listening to and observing children, parents and teachers, I have developed a heartfelt philosophy, which you can find in the “Our Philosophy” section. This is the philosophy of our center and we feel that it is very unique and differentiates us from other centers.

My quest to develop my own early childhood development center was fulfilled in February 2005. I, together with my business partner Michael Davis, found an existing center and we made it our own. We have devoted ourselves to the children, families and our facility. We are passionate about our center which has become our heart and soul. We have created a sincere, nurturing, caring, loving, safe and warm environment. We hope that we can make a very positive impact on your child’s development and hope that you will feel comfortable and at ease when you leave your child here at our very special Strawberry Early Childhood Development Center.

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